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A City Beyond The Skies

by Ellen Bailey

There is a heavenly city built beyond the skies
It is a wonderful place, worthy of a prize
Someone is there now, preparing a place for you
It is a place to go, when your life here is through

It is a city of brotherly love and everlasting peace
Where all your pains and sufferings will finally cease
It is a city of abundance, with streets made of gold
It is a land of milk and honey, or so I have been told

You will not be alone in that heavenly place
You will be welcomed by a warm embrace
You will meet old friends and some love ones too
For they are there now, waiting just for you

We know not the time to say our last goodbyes
So prepare now for that city in the skies
Get right with Jesus before your life ends
So they will open the gates and let you in

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