Spiritual Poems

Origins of Man

by Ellen Bailey

They say man originated from an animal form
They have been saying this since Darwinism was born
They teach in our schools and try to plant in our minds
That we are just another animal, but of a loftier kind

They want us to believe that we slithered from the sea
That we crawled onto the land and just came to be
They say we evolved from some prehistoric microbe
And from that beginning we spread around the globe

But God created man and He started with Adam
He placed him on this earth in the Garden of Eden
God separated man from the animals back then
And we have remained apart since life began

God created man in the likeness of His own image
And it is only to Him that we owe our allegiance
We are not of the animal kingdom, as some would believe
We belong to the Kingdom of God, to worship as we please

If you have any doubts about the origins of man
Or if you think you are a member of some animal clan
Just open the Bible and in there you will find
A history of man that will ease your mind