The Energy Crisis

by Ellen Bailey

They say we are having an energy crisis today;
That we are running out of resources in such a way;
That gas and oil prices are going to be sky-high;
That families will no longer be able to go bye-bye

We fought the Gulf War in the hot blazing sun
And put at risk the lives of many who where young
We ejected the aggressor and put out the fires
For a supply of oil that we hoped would not expire

But those nations don't see things our way anymore
Now that we have departed their far flung shores
They produce less oil so the price will rise
Banking the profits on our sacrifice

We need gas and oil to transverse this great land
And we should all join together and take a stand
America must increase it's energy production
And we must work to reduce future consumption

We do have an abundance of clean coal reserves
But we let environmentalists guard those preserves
We should be mining that coal for our future use
And protect ourselves from any more foreign abuse

Until such time as we clean up this sorry mess
Our college students will study less and less
The energy crisis has relieved them of the toil
Of having to burn the mid-night oil

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