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Homesick Hillbilly

by Ellen Bailey

I visited many cities and a number of miles I logged
I traveled until my feet were sore and my legs ached
Farther and farther I ventured from my home state

I left behind my family, my neighbors and friends
When I departed the little town I grew up in
I left behind my classmates too
And the teachers who taught me in school

I left behind the mountain scenery I loved so much
Like the changing colors of the fall leaves and such
I miss the winter snows, believe it or not
For I now live in a place that is forever hot

I found a good job and made lots of bread
But many a time I often wished instead
That I could have stayed in my mountain retreat
Where I could feel the soil beneath my feet

There are many others just like me
Who left the state out of necessity
It doesn't say much for the leaders of a state
When its inhabitants must head for the Interstate

But now that my career is coming to an end
I have a longing to return to where I began
So, if at my present address I cannot be found
Then you'll know that I am West Virginia bound

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