Spiritual Poems

The Greatest Man On Earth

by Ellen Bailey

He didn't own a mansion on a hill
He didn't drive a fancy automobile
He didn't travel with the "In" crowd
He didn't act as if he were too proud

He wasn't the subject of tabloids pens
He never gossiped about his friends
He didn't wear designer clothes of hue
He wore barefoot sandals instead of shoes

He had no earthly riches; not one red cent
He gave what he had and on others he spent
He accumulated no earthly treasures
He wasn't interested in worldly pleasures

He heard the peoples' cries and their laments
He gave them is blessings wherever he went
He healed their sicknesses and saved their souls
He gave them something far greater than gold

He was a virtuous man completely without vice
He gave His all and paid a heavy price
His gifts to man were more than money was worth
Jesus Christ was the greatest man on earth