Life Poems

Battle of the Bottle

by Ellen Bailey

I was on a lonely road, going straight to Hell
Saying to no one in particular my last farewells
I drank bottles of liquor to chase my blues away
Knowing that tomorrow will be just another day

How many bottles I drank, I couldn't tell
But my years of drinking had cast a spell
There was no one left to worry
There was no one left to cry
No one cared if I lived
No one cared if I died

The life I was living, I knew to be wrong
But the bottle held me firmly in its throng
Hell was the place where I would dwell
For the lure of the bottle, I could not repel

Then one day a stranger appeared
And beckoned me to join him in a prayer
He reached out to me
And on the road we knelt
I clasped his hand,
And the imprints of nails I felt

My burdens begin to lift, my heart begin to sing
I felt as if I were floating; that I had taken on wings
The stranger and I, we continued to pray
And the thirst for the bottle begin to fade